Virtual Reality

State-of-the-art VR Experiences

Three Virtual Reality stations set up to provide the best visual and interaction experiences. Enjoy the best Virtual Reality games such as Beat Saber, Superhot, and Half-Life: Alyx.  We also offer a number of multiplayer experiences to cooperate or compete with your friends.

Available Experiences
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Available Experiences
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Hop behind the steering wheel of the worlds bests cars in our VR Racing simulator. Feel every bump and crash in our racing cockpit as you perfect your driving skills. 

VR Racing Simulators
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Not much of a Gamer? Don't worry, we offer Virtual Reality for a large range of experience and tastes. Enjoy sighting seeing in Virtual Reality such as explore animal habitats, traveling the world, or even have an experience that is out of this world.

Passive VR Experiences
Virtual Reality Add-ons

Customize your VR experience with our growing selection of add-ons. 

  • Bhaptics Vest

    • This vest allows you to feel the VR world. Feel every punch in '​Thrill of the Fight', experience the music surrounding you in Beat Saber, undergo the onslaught of a dragon in Skyrim. 

Gaming Lounge

$10 All Day Play

Social Gaming Lobby

Ever miss the days of playing couch co-op with your friends? Come re-live the nostalgia while meeting new people and improving your skills at games like Super Smash Bros.

We also host tournaments to let you test your skills against the best in the area. 

Computer Games

High-End PC Gaming

Have you ever wanted to give PC gaming a try? Is your computer too slow to play some of the hottest new games? Come use our High-End Gaming PC and take your gaming experience to the  Next Level. 

Arcade Classics

Enjoy arcade classics on our Vintage Arcade cabinet. From Street fighter to space invaders, we offer a large variety of classic games. 


Experience high-tech pinball on our Virtual Pinball Table. Play a fully animated pinball tables from series like Star wars,  Jaws, and Back to the Future.