Rules for Guests:


Face Masks Required

Face coverings are required for all guests upon entering the facility.


Maintain Social Distancing

6ft Social Distancing is required for non-groups entering the facility. 


Do not enter if you have any symptoms

No-Contact Temperature reading will be taken upon entering the building.  Entry will not be allowed for any showing any of these symptoms. 

Facility Safety Procedures

Disinfect Surfaces

We disinfect table surfaces, door handles, and other commonly touched areas every hour. 

Limit number of guests

We only allow 24 people in our storefront at a time. Priority will be given to online reservations. 

Provide Multiple Hand Sanitizing Stations

We provide multiple places for employees and guest to sanitize their hands through the building.

Employee Safety Equipment

All Employees will use a face mask at all times along with gloves while cleaning or interacting with customers. 

VR Cleaning Procedures


Put on Gloves

Employees put on gloves before the cleaning process. 


Remove Headset Face and Strap Cover

Remove VR Face and Strap sanitization covers from the headset


Wipe-down removed Headset covers

Wipe down the face and strap covers with disinfectant


Remove Gloves and Sanitize Hands

Employees remove their gloves and sanitize their hands after finishing disinfecting.


Prepare new disposable VR face mask

Prepare a fresh disposable VR mask for the next customer.


Dispose of disposable VR face mask

Dispose of the VR mask in the closest trashcan.


Wipe-down VR Headset and Controllers

Wipe down controllers and headset with disinfectant


Place disinfected covers in UV cabinet for 10 minutes

Place the disinfected covers into a UV cabinet to help further disinfect them.


Replace Face and Strap Cover 

Replace the Face and Strap covers on the VR Headset


Fridays  4 - 10pm

Saturdays 2 - 10 pm

94 W Main St, Pulaski VA 24301